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Try our scalloped hedgehog set, because it's a much better deal!

The price is significantly reduced and you'll have an amazing set for all occasions at home.

If you are thinking of taking a full course of hedgehog in capsules - be sure to try to add liquid hedgehog to the course, these products are "friends" and complement each other perfectly. 

What is the difference between hedgehog in capsules and hedgehog in drops? 

The most important difference is the method of ingestion. Aesthetically, everyone likes it differently :)

Liquid supplements can be added from a dropper wherever and however you like, capsules have a different aesthetic. 

The liquid supplements are completely vegan, while the capsules are gelatin-based.

There are slight differences in the course as well. The capsules are taken on a standard course of 3 months, while the liquid supplement is taken for 2 months. 

It is possible to take them together. The hedgerow in capsules is strong, a good 1:10 extract, very high quality powder inside. 

Liquid hedgerow is particularly "seratonin". Boosts mood, immunity, mental acuity, natural composition, not tested on animals. 

Hedgehog set is the best choice for someone who cares about their cognitive health, good mood and sleep quality!